Braid Patterns for your weave….

When people ask me how I braid the hair, I have no one answer. It depends on what I think would make the flattest weave for the braid pattern you desire. The thickness of your hair, the length of your hair and the placement of the tracks are all variables that are considered. Sometimes it’s…

I have amazing clients! Thanks to these students who participated!!!

In my before and after deal. Beautiful girls! Here’s the first one. They are wearing my Ponytail Weave, which allows you to pull your hair into a pony or bun for more natural look, has great layers and is alot less wiggy and bulky than most full weaves can be. Before After

Full Weave, Layers Cut, Soft Curls, 18/16 inch Hair

So it was about 1 am in the morning, I took out her old weave, washed, conditioned, blow dried, braided, weaved, cut layers and curled her hair. By the time we did all that, I was too exhausted to find my camera. Here’s an iPhone pic of her layers. And yes….she was too shy to…

A FAQ Page

How long have you been doing weaves? Do you have a license to do weaves? Does it hurt to get a weave? How do you sew it into my head? How much hair do I need? Where do I get my hair? I don’t have enough money for expensive hair. What brands do you recommend?…

I’ve been gone for too long:)

So I finally got batteries for my camera, and here’s a few updates. Here’s a press and curl on natural hair, but I braided up the sides. They were too damaged for me to comfortably flat iron, so I braided up what I could. It turned out pretty cute!