Braid Patterns for your weave….

When people ask me how I braid the hair, I have no one answer. It depends on what I think would make the flattest weave for the braid pattern you desire. The thickness of your hair, the length of your hair and the placement of the tracks are all variables that are considered. Sometimes it’s a be hive. Sometimes it’s left to right. Sometimes its free falling cornrows I have to sew down.

Then there’s preference. If you prefer your braids to be in a certain pattern I will accommodate as much as possible. Please note, any part of your hair that appears cannot handle braids or is experiencing damage that may worsen with braids I WILL not cornrow. There’s plenty of stylists out there comfortable with ripping your hair out in the name of style. I am not one of them.

Here’s a few examples of some of the braid patterns I use. I have many more.