Some Winter Tips for your Hair

Christmas is almost upon us now. Most of probably feel unprepared doing our last minute dashes to the shops for gifts or contemplating what to wear for that party in 2 weeks. Either way, this is by far the busiest time of the year so how do you factor your hair care into it? You wouldn’t want to neglect your hair at this most crucial time when the weather is cold and dry and your locks can suffer and set you back months. No doubt, your hair will be in need of some TLC this season!

If time is an issue which is very likely with the school break looming and the tons of shopping you still have remaining to do, it’s time for an action plan. Do you want to look drop dead gorgeous for the office Christmas party and get through the holidays with a beautiful mane all the while making it look effortless?

Here’s your hair’s holiday survival guide!

  1. ‘Tis the season to be jolly but ‘tis also the season for Weaves and Braids! Braids and weave installs are a lifesaver at this time of year. Not only are you protecting your precious strands from the elements, you can continue to look fabulous. Your wash and conditioning routine should not change but you will find that your styling time will be cut drastically.
  2. Conditioner on dry hair – Ditch the shampoo and up your co-washes. Slather your dry hair in a creamy conditioner when you get back from a hard day’s work. Cover with a plastic cap while running yourself a hot bath. Soak yourself for a well deserved ½ hour then rinse the conditioner off.
  3. A double treat for your locks and body!
  4. Try an Ultra Quick Morning Co-wash – If you have braids then this is ideal for you. Loosen some conditioner with double the amount of water and stream through your braids while working in to the scalp. Leave it in your hair while you have your shower rinsing it off once you are done. Allow the braids to air dry as you go about your day. It will save you tons of time and you will have that smug sense of satisfaction that your hair is clean!
  5. Hats and Scarves – Get accessorizing! Not only do they look great with your outfit, they protect your tresses from the elements too!
  6. Texture is suddenly all the rage. It’s no wonder that a Quick And Easy Braid Out is the styling weapon of choice this season. Whether your mane is relaxed or natural a braid out is easy and looks great.

Whatever you are doing this December whether you are staying home with family and friends or jetting off somewhere exotic, us this survival guide to make your holiday hair care a breeze. Have a great Christmas and look forward to another year and another 6 inches of hair!

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