U Part Wigs Discounted! Custom Fit, Perfect for Natural Hair!

Hi Beauty Girls:)
It’s me, Weavemaster Tam *Mo Hair Mo Hair Honey!* And I’m back with my love for healthy natural hair, getting your 6 inches a year of growth and over all beauty! To learn more about me, go to http://www.perfectponytails.com to learn more about healthy hair care, see my portfolio and browse fun extensions styles.

I’m looking to start offering more U Part 3/4 wigs to my clients and I’m looking for ladies willing to allow me to photograph them as I do the process. For those who aren’t sure what a U Part Wig is, it’s a healthy protective style that reduces the rubbing, pulling and tugging on hair that can be removed at night or worn all day every day, but custom made to match your head. Here’s a few videos to answer any questions.

It’s a light light light weight, custom made wig that fits perfect to your head, and right now I don’t have very many photographic examples. That’s where you come in beauties!!!

I need footage and photos for my portfolio making 3/4 U wigs for my clients. Bring your own hair and I’ll provide the cap, clips for a beautiful custom made wig for only 50.00.

Yes, 50.00!!! Call me at 818-445-3348.