Free U Part Wig in Sherman Oaks TONIGHT!!!!!

It’s me! Weavemaster Tam and I need a Los Angeles/SF Valley lady tonight!

I am looking for someone to model for a instructional video. I need to make a custom U Part Wig. That means a free 14/16 inch Remy Hair wig MADE JUST FOR YOU! Seriously!

I just need a pretty, modelesque woman with at least chin length healthy hair with no breakage on the sides. Lots of happy smiles, no worried looks. Please familiarize yourself with these videos to how a U Part Wig works…..not to be rude (because Weavemaster Tam does love the kids) but I cannot speak on the phone for hours about how you “never had a weave and you’re really interested in trying one and how you had one when you’re 14 and will it hurt?” so on and so forth….for info about weaves, hair, and me, go to A seasoned weave wearer who is patient is great.

Please email a few face photos of yourself and your NATURAL hair please. I need healthy thick hair about chin length with no breakage. Tonight, at 8:30 PM. The process should take about an hr and a half. Be prepared to take a few after glamour-puss shots after the video footage. For more info about me, go to I cannot come to you, and I cannot reschedule. Sherman Oaks California:) Thanks sweeties.