Review, Lots of Treats!

So first of all, I’ll have to say that I have yet to run into a well put together black beauty supply website. Frames are all over the place, search terms give strange and unrelated results, and very rarely is it user friendly. But they have things I can’t find at any other beauty supply, and the prices are usually very reasonable, so it’s a necessary evil:).

I heard of buy one get one free deals on Sam’s Beauty Supply website, so I decided to check it out. First of all, it’s very attractive, and easy to navigate. I loved the buy one get one free deals, and I made sure to check out the clearance items too.

I love a website with customer reviews, unfortunately it didn’t seem like this one had enough. I’d have to just jump in and hope for the best when it came to alot of brands.

One con is that it takes FOOORRREEVVERRRRR ground shipping to the west coast. It was free shipping, granted I spent 90.00 dollars so free shipping in those instances are pretty standard. But I ordered on the 15th, and got it on the 23rd. Seems like shipping should be faster. But everything was there, and expertly packed when it arrived. I was pleased. I’ll definitely order again, so long as I don’t have a deadline.

One plus was the fingernail polish kits, kids body spritzes, and other kid friendly things in a great trial size for Xmas. This is the place to go to get things for girls this Xmas, just make sure you do it a few weeks before the holiday!