Braid Patterns for Super Thick Hair

So every so often I come across these folks with super thick amazing hair. She originally had alot of breakage when she first came, to the point where I wasn’t sure she had enough hair on her sides to braid. Well it’s been about eight months and boy have things changed!

Needless to say with this new thick gorgeous hair putting a full weave in requires a different approach. Doing a beehive isn’t going to work, cornrows down isn’t going to work, and left to right would have been way too super thick. So what to do?

Two beehives!!! Peep the technique!








I tell you one thing, Mama Tam can grow out some hair like nobody’s business. Mo Hair!!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Kiki says:

    I been looking for this !!!! Thank you very much !!!!

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