I should change my name to the BlendMaster:) Another day/night/morning, another three heads. Goodnight my glammypusses .

Why Perfect Ponytails?

A ponytail with my perfect net weave….. But anyone can install a weave that can do a low ponytail….. Yep. Baddest Weavemaster in the SFV.

Getting a Full Weave? Don’t forget your closure…..

Full Weaves with Closures A closure is a special hair piece that is sewn onto the crown of your head. Strands of hair are attached to a small hair cap that imitates your scalp. The closure allows you to part your hair on top of your head. This makes your hair weave look more natural….

Bohyme French Refined 14 inch Install

I straightened out a full install and put a few loose curls in some 14 inch Bohyme French Refined for a client last night. Cut layers of course,  turned out really light and lovely. Two more installs happening tonight.

C and J Beauty Supply Review

Okay, so every so often I have to take a sojourner to a mecca of all things beauty supply. This is when I avoid Wow Beauty Supply in Reseda, which has alot of products but unfortunately doesn’t have the staff to answer questions. There’s alot of shrugging at Wow Beauty Supply, alot of “I just…

Good Braid Technique

For thin sides you know can’t adequately cover tracks, rely on the U Part hair for coverage and stack the tracks on top of each other like a ladder.

Updated Braid Patterns

When people ask me how I braid the hair, I have no one answer. It depends on what I think would make the flattest weave for the braid pattern you desire. The thickness of your hair, the length of your hair and the placement of the tracks are all variables that are considered. Sometimes it’s…

Weavemaster Tam, How Long Should I Wear My Extensions?

There’s an inevitable question I find myself answering when I am installing a fresh weave on one of my clients. That question is usually introduced when I’m sewing on the last track, ready to start blending, cutting or flat ironing/curling….and that is “Tam, I’m trying to grow my hair out, how long should I keep…

Avoid Post Weave Matting

You’ve just taken out that fly weave that’s kept your hair protected these past several weeks. You’re ready to move on to the next style, so after all the weave hair is removed, you’re about to hit the showers. Stop! Before you put a drop of water on your hair, detangling is a must. If…