Black Silk Malaysian Straight

I went to Wow Beauty Supply and picked up some Malaysian Silky hair. I prefer wavy coarser hair, because I rather not put too much heat on my hair, but my bangs are trained from flat ironing so I figured why not just buy a texture that matches those.

At first glance it is NOT impressive. The pack is generic, the bag is cheap, nothing about it screams “expensive gorg” hair. But after thinking about it I realized the beauty supply is probably printing and packaging this hair themselves, and getting this hair from Aliexpress. Smart!

The 16 inch was 165 and the 12 was 140. I didn’t mind cause I expected to spend alot this go round. It was very light and airy, lighter than I have seen any hair be. Indian hair is much coarser, with thicker strands. And if you like full hair, you will need three packs. I bought two and halfway into making my wig I almost turned right around to get another pack. But I didn’t want to drop another buck fifty without knowing it was worth it. If I like it, I will grab another pack and make another Perfect Net next month.



It had a few grays, (which I don’t mind cause I have grey hair) no nits but was definitely processed in some way. I could smell it.


The weft was small and the hair on the track was relatively the same length. The beard was the shortest I have ever seen.


Picture of it on. Very thin but pretty. Two whole packs!




It curled easily with my wand and I have nothing in it, no product at all. I did these curls two days ago and they made great waves that aren’t flattening out even after sleeping.



So far so good, except for the thinness. I love full hair and I feel like a wet mouse with thin hair. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes….so far, no tangles, no frizz and it’s pretty.

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