Why I don’t install weaves WITHOUT closures……

I get these calls about five times a week.

“I’d like a weave Tam, a full weave with no hair out.”

And I reply “Sure, with a closure right?” “No, just tracks.”

“What do you want to do with the top of your head, you have to have a scalp?”

“Can’t you just swirl it around in a circle?”

“Sorry, I don’t offer that service.”

Well ladies, as much magic as I can work with a needle and thread, I just cannot recreate what God made on top of your head with wefts alone. No, it’s not that I don’t know *how* to, I have before, in my younger years I’ve done many a swirly top weave. Yes, in Sacramento, in my late teens/early twenties, I put those funny looking, unbeweaveable scalp/weft concoctions on many a client.

But I’ve stepped up my game as the years have gone by, and I just have to face the facts (I suppose we all do) that no one’s scalp actually looks like that! I want my clients to have the most natural look as possible, and the cone head swirl look is just not natural!

I took down a clients weave last weekend, and here’s a few pictures of the mess another stylist left up there. She even used superglue to hold it together!


I can’t believe anyone expected her to walk the streets like this! Say yes to natural looks and no to the scalp swirl!

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