Disney Inspiration, Beautifully Brave Hair…..

So I’ve been seeing these advertisements for Brave, a new animated movie, and I am mesmerized by this red, luscious hair on the lead character. So I wanted to get away from the side part swoops and flexy rod curls of late, not to mention the kinky curlies of summer and try something exciting and deconstructed….

While I haven’t been able to be blessed with the red, I got an old stash of 20 inch curly hair and made a PerfectNet weave with a middle part, about an inch and a half wide and two inches deep.

I love it! I feel wild and exciting! I want to run naked on the beach! Well, not before I lose this weight lol. Maybe a sensible top and capri pants on the beach.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Santisha says:

    what kind of hair is it what’s the name of it?

  2. Santisha says:

    also where can i get some and I want red and honey blonde!!!

  3. Perfect Ponytails Home Salon says:

    It’s my Brazilian curly, and you can purchase it from me.

  4. Perfect Ponytails Home Salon says:

    It’s virgin hair so it only comes in natural dark brown. But you can get it dyed.

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