Kim Kimble talks Hair Weaves

Beauty,Fashion May, 31 2010 12:34 am

Weave Talk with Celebrity Hairstylist Kim Kimble

by The Fashion Bomb Staff

I recently had a brief chat about hair weaves and extensions with celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble. Kim is the mastermind behind the styles you’ve seen on Beyonce, Kerry Washington, Shakira, and many more. Should you wear a weave or are considering one, definitely take notes.

The Style and Beauty Doctor: What are some tips for keeping your own hair healthy while wearing extensions? How do you prevent/take care of “weave itch”?

Kim Kimble: Keep the scalp fresh and clean by using a scalp treatment (like Kimble Hair Care Systems Scalp Relief). Detangling shampoos and conditioners (such as Kimble Hair Care Systems Untangle Shampoo and Untangle Conditioner) will keep the extensions from pulling on your hair. Silk pillowcases/bonnets are also a great investment as they will help keep your hair and the weave from drying out. The products will keep the weave fresh and smelling good. Be sure that when you wash your hair/weave, you let it air dry.

TSABD: After extensions get taken out, what are some tips on how to style/maintain your own hair? Sometimes it’s tough going from 20 inches of hair to 4 inches…lol. How do you get your own hair to not feel so thin after taking the weave out?

KK: Use some thickening products to thicken it up so that you feel like you have hair on your head. Thickening shampoos and conditioners, etc.

TSABD: How long should one keep a weave in?

KK: Six to eight weeks is ideal, but you never want to go past 3 months. The average person naturally sheds about 60-80 hairs naturally. If you leave the weave in too long, your natural hair will start to shed and you will have a big mess when you finally remove the weave.

TSABD: What are some upcoming weave trends?

KK: Clip ins, partial pieces, temporary extensions, straight and wavy textures, but there is an abundance of curly textures in the summer. In winter, there is more of a demand for more sleek and wavy styles.

TSABD: What are some tips for ladies using weaves/extensions to transition out of a relaxer?

KK: Wearing a full head weave with extensions – find an extension color or cut that looks best on a full head.

TSABD: What is the best type of hair to use for weaves/extensions?

KK: Some of my favorite hair types are virgin remi hair, Indian, Malaysian and yaki texture. However, when getting weaves/extensions, it’s extremely important to match the hair type to your natural texture to ensure the best and most natural look.

TSABD: Any tips on wigs?

KK: Find the most natural looking wig, have it cut and colored custom to your needs, and it will look more natural.

You can purchase Kimble Hair Care System products here. For more info on Kim and her salon, check out


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