Custom Sew On Wig with Chocolate Cherry Ombre

I had alot of fun doing this wig. She ordered the 18 inch closure, and 22,24,26 inch Weavemaster’s Hair package, and got a sew on wig unit made. She wanted a chocolate cherry ombre right at the tips, and I was pretty jazzed to use this new dye that I had that lifts then deposits a really pretty rich cocoa red. I was so glad to get the horrible wig she had on off of her, it was just such a mess, let me tell you. Bunching and shedding! She’s already been back to get her unit sewn on again, and it’s just as pretty as it was the first day.

customwiggybiggy10464369_662323507171462_7357363824201980263_n curlsflying closurebetter 10439432_662329023837577_6361789433171678019_n 10390052_662784513792028_6345082097909847108_n 1

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