Prepay REQUIRED for Holiday Installs

Dear Clients and Potential Clients,
Because I DO NOT double book, and I start your hair the minute you walk in and finish in 3 to 4 hours with minimal interruption, it is extremely important you keep your install appointment. It is not like the salon, you won’t be here for 8 to 10 hours waiting in line for your install….when you make an appointment, the time is yours and yours only. I have had a waitlist for appointments this month, but an high amount of cancellations for this particular week. Because of this…..I’ve made the decision that prepaying for your installation will be the ONLY way to guarantee your appointment. If you do not pay for your appointment prior, the spot is up for grabs by anyone else who does. This is the link to prepay and secure your appointment. Please respect that I dedicate five hours of my time to your appointment, when you don’t show up or cancel last minute, I lose that time. If you have any additional questions call 818-453-8912.
Click here to PrePay for your appointment now


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