One on One Closure Tutoring Every Sunday

Is your revenue suffering from incorrect closure installs? Are you a stylist that turns away closure installs because you are worried about making mistakes?

My name is Closuremaster Tam and I offer private closure install tutorials for stylists that want to learn to install closures or polish their closure install skills.

For four to five hours I teach a hands on session that includes

– Proper Braid Patterns
– Completely flat closure placement everytime
– Track placement to reduce bulk
– Eliminate bunching
– Completely eliminate lifting
– Prevent closure snap-backward (to keep the closure from moving back and exposing the front braids after a few days)

All with no glue and only a proper sew down. I teach these tutorials on Sundays at 10am and 4pm and Mondays at 1pm. Call or Text 818 441 3502.

Classes are 200.00 for 5 hours. Stylist is required to bring a model with a full hairline and moderately healthy hair. A full closure install is completed at time of tutoring session. Hair should be clean, blow dried with no oils or gels. Pictures and videos are encouraged, so feel free to tape and snap pics for reference.

Go to or to see more of my work. Located in Sherman Oaks in a beautiful neighborhood right off Ventura.

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