Hello CoCo!

I always love when cute little French Coco comes to get her hair done. this time we sat and watched Empire, and let me tell you….it gets wilder and wilder every episode…..so turns out Jamal is BI and not GAY? Girl drama. Anyways I sewed down her unit I made for her a while back….

Weavemasters Hair Beachwave

So this client was so much fun, we laughed the whole time. I gave her a full install with closure of the http://www.weavemastershair.com beachwave. She’s really awesome, this is her vacationing in Italy do. Which means only one thing, I am so jealous that she gets to go to Italy, and she can be carefree…

Fit Five Bundles of Hair Into One Install?

Okay so, this is not something I recommend at all, but I was able to comfortably get four bundles in. She likes her hair really long, and really thick, and with a closure. 

She is the ClosureSlayer.com

This closure didn’t come with any bleached knots, plucked parts or modifications. I slaaaaayed this closure to the GAWDS honey!!!

Time to get Bob-a-licious

So she brought two 14 inch packs of Beauty Supply hair, which I detest lol. Mostly because it just doesn’t behave like human hair behaves, especially to achieve this kind of cut. But it actually worked out very well! Bouncy ALine, Asymmetrical bob weave. #werk! She has just a dash of her hair out in the…

Keep your closures laid honey!

All the hair braided up. here is a PROPER closure install. Notice I put the closure on first. If your stylist attempts to put it on last, run the other way! I tinted the scalp to match her cocoa skin tone and because this isn’t one of my closures, the knots were black and it…

Coily Coily Coils!!!

My favorite Weavemaster’s Hair to date is the Coily hair! Here’s a client wearing an 18 and a 20. I’ve had clients wear this texture for more than a year. It also dyes pretty fantastic.