How long have you been doing hair/weaves/braids?
Since 1994.

Do you have a license to do weaves?

In the state of California, this license does not exist.

Does it hurt to get a weave?

There’s tension, and the sewing may be slightly uncomfortable, but it does not hurt. It is tight and secure.

How do you “sew” it to my head?

I make a cornrow plain on the head, and sew the tracks onto the cornrows in carefully placed tracks. For more information, go to youtube and search for sew in weaves. There you can watch videos and give you more information about weaving.

How much hair will I need?

For half a head….aka a partial…. you’ll need about six ounces of hair. For a full weave 8 to 10.

If you’re getting a full weave, I suggest you always bring three bundles….even if you insist you have a “small head”.

Where do I get my hair?

You can order hair from me directly. I have straight, curly, body wave and kinky curly brands in stock.

My website is http://www.weavemastershair.com. There’s a gallery there you can check out.

All hair is natural dark brown and lasts for more than a year. It can be dyed.

If you prefer to purchase hair from somewhere else, there are hundreds of brands, textures and shops that sell extensions hair. A conversation over the phone isn’t enough for me to give you good advice of where to get your hair….it is best you go to an actual shop to match your hair.

I don’t have enough money for expensive hair. What brands do you recommend?

I don’t recommend you purchase cheap hair at all. Its usually garbage that sheds, bunches and tangles. If you aren’t prepared to purchase at least remy/remi hair, then Buyer Beware, go to any beauty supply around and buy whatever is your pleasure.

I wanted a full weave, but after seeing my hair, you only gave me the option of a partial. Why won’t you do a full weave that snatches up my sides? Why won’t you weave up my crown?

If your hair appears damaged on the sides, I will NOT braid or put weight on it. If your hair appears to be thinning on your crown, I will not braid it. If your hair is falling out, or you have bald spots that you have no idea where they come from, I will recommend you see a dermatologist before getting another weave. Your style shouldn’t come before your health, I won’t aid in the destruction of your hair.

My daughter’s hair is so thick and hard to comb, should I get a relaxer for her?

No……never…..I never recommend you relax children’s hair. Your daughter may be one of the lucky ones that has hair that can stand chemical processing, but very rarely is that the case. Relaxing a child’s hair is usually the first step in a life long dependency on chemicals to straighten the texture of the hair, which eventually becomes a lifetime of breakage and damage.

Right now is the best time to teach your daughter about maintaining her hair through protective styles, taking the time to embrace her curl or kink pattern, and discovering the versatility of both curly, kinky, and straight styles through careful heat straightening. Heat training should help to make the hair more manageable as she goes through her teen to adult years. Sure it takes more work, but you want extensions to be a fun option for your daughter in the future, not a eventual necessity.

What do you use to straighten and curl hair?

I use a Chi flat iron and a Sedu flat iron, along with a Lava Flow Ceramic Root Straightener. I don’t use stoves, because of the lack of heat control. If you’re looking to get your hair straightened with a stove iron, I am not your stylist.

Why can’t I find your address on the blog?

Because if I choose to have you as a client, I give you my home address. I’d rather not have people show up randomly. It is located in Sherman Oaks.

I don’t really like children, and I know you have four children at your house, can you come to my house to do my hair?

No, my children will be at the house every time I do your hair. My older children are there to help, and I focus on your style as much as possible. But depending on the time, I may have to fetch something, go on bathroom breaks or scarf down a bowl of food while doing your hair. I try to keep this at a minimum.

If you like the convenience of a child-free environment, Craigslist and the Yellow Pages has many hairstylists and salons that will fit your needs. Working from home is how I keep my prices low.

I don’t travel to do hair. I only work from home.

Will you do my hair for cheaper than the set price? I don’t have enough, could we barter?

No. I don’t barter. My prices are very low for the time I take to do your hair. If you want a cheaper price, there’s plenty of people in Craigslist with very low prices.

I’ve had to cancel my appointment twice, can I book another appointment?

I don’t double book, so if I give a time slot to you, I reserve four hours of my time and turn people away who want that same time slot. If you cancel twice, you’ve cost me 8 hours of work, and I would prefer not to have you as a client.

Do you take checks or credit cards? Can I pay you later?

No, please bring cash. I also very rarely have change, so bringing the exact amount to pay is best. Payment is due at the time services are rendered. I don’t give credit or take postdated checks, or IOU’s.

Can I bring my brother, boyfriend or husband?

I prefer you don’t for the first appointment. If you are a previous client of mine, it’s fine. Introducing him and having him check out that everything is safe and then leaving is fine with me. I have four little girls and as wonderful and safe a man as he may be, I have to put safety first.

I am Caucasian, can you do my hair?

I do about as many White women’s hair as I do Black and Latina women’s hair. I have experience with all races and textures.

How much are your services?

Call for information.

Do you color or perm hair?

No, I don’t work with any chemical processes.

I want my weave layered, should I get it cut?

You can, but it’s a waste of both time and money. For a layered look, buy two different lengths of hair, like 12 and 16 or 14 and 18.

Will you put a weave in my daughters hair?

Ages 17 and up. I don’t weave children’s hair, and I don’t do full weaves on teens.

Could you give me a tutorial on what a weave is, could you come to the beauty supply with me or allow me to speak to you on the phone as I purchase hair?