Partial Weave

Perfect Partials

A partial sew in is similar to a traditional sew in, as it is a braided cornrowed base that wefted hair is sewn onto the braids. This method is best for those who have chin to shoulder length hair at the shortest. It adds length and thickness to your hair, and can be worn in a pony tail. Even clients with long healthy hair get partial weaves, because the thickness and length really adds pizazz!

Things to remember when coming by….

  • Hair must be clean and dry, no oils no gels
  • It’s going to be securely braided, so it might hurt a bit. If you’re tenderheaded or experiencing more damage than this, you may prefer the Perfect-Net System. 
  • It takes from 45 mins to an hour and a half
  • Styling is included in the price, so is cutting