Brandi Goes Hollywood

I wanted some effortless glamour for Brandi this go round. This is a full closure weave with no hair out. 

Closure Class Pre Registration

Skill level for this class: Stylist, or Weave Specialist. Should be able to cornrow and sew a traditional weave with proficiency. Closures are the latest technology in smooth, flat, natural hair extension installs. Learn the proper braid pattern and how to apply the flattest closure install using only a sew in method and no glue….

Fit Five Bundles of Hair Into One Install?

Okay so, this is not something I recommend at all, but I was able to comfortably get four bundles in. She likes her hair really long, and really thick, and with a closure. 

Keep your closures laid honey!

All the hair braided up. here is a PROPER closure install. Notice I put the closure on first. If your stylist attempts to put it on last, run the other way! I tinted the scalp to match her cocoa skin tone and because this isn’t one of my closures, the knots were black and it…

The Proper Braid Pattern for a Side Part Closure Install

Alot of people wonder if I do a spiral braid pattern for a closure install, and to answer your question, I do not. There are times I may do something similar to a spiral in the back, but for the most part, I cornrow down on both all sides, making sure I start my braids…

Your Curly Leave Out, Is it the RIGHT Curly?

I get it. You have curly hair. You thought that your own curly leave out would match with your curly wefts. But……it doesn’t lol. I’ve done it before. You live, you learn, you put your hair up, and rock a Coily Closure from It matches perfectly with the Coily hair, and is jump in the pool…

Bleached Knots on a Closure

Using a closure enables you to have a appearance of a scalp or natural part without having any of your real hair out. This is a favorite amongst those with natural hair  and also amongst those who may not be natural but want to avoid heat damage from excessive curling/flat ironing the left out hair…

[Video] How to Sew On a Lace Closure

In this video, I am showing you how you can install a lace closure on either yourself or someone else. This is a step by step with the closure sewed on first before the tracks. I find that the weave is much more smooth and flat when done this way. I’m wearing a Weavemasters Closure…

This Lace Closure is Laid Honey!

Tiffany came in all the way from Las Vegas to get her install! She’s a natural girl, so she wanted to put all her hair up. Naturally, she purchased hair from and the closure from there, and it is LAID honey.