Brandi Goes Hollywood

I wanted some effortless glamour for Brandi this go round. This is a full closure weave with no hair out. 

First Time Full Weave Fabulousness

This client is treating herself for the first time, with the 3CWavy package of 14, 16, 18 inch hair, and a full weave with her crown and edges out.

Why I don’t install weaves WITHOUT closures……

I get these calls about five times a week. “I’d like a weave Tam, a full weave with no hair out.” And I reply “Sure, with a closure right?” “No, just tracks.” “What do you want to do with the top of your head, you have to have a scalp?” “Can’t you just swirl it…

Getting a Full Weave? Don’t forget your closure…..

Full Weaves with Closures A closure is a special hair piece that is sewn onto the crown of your head. Strands of hair are attached to a small hair cap that imitates your scalp. The closure allows you to part your hair on top of your head. This makes your hair weave look more natural….