Hello CoCo!

I always love when cute little French Coco comes to get her hair done. this time we sat and watched Empire, and let me tell you….it gets wilder and wilder every episode…..so turns out Jamal is BI and not GAY? Girl drama. Anyways I sewed down her unit I made for her a while back….

Weavemaster Tam is now providing the Perfect-Net System

Weavemaster Tam is now providing the Perfect-Net System For those who are looking to give their hair a break from thread and weight, and are looking for the optimum protective style I am offering my hand-sewn perfect net system. It’s a weaveable piece that is custom fit to your head that cuts your appointment dramatically,…

Weekend Specials

Hi all! In a few hours I’m opening up to catch up some kitchens this evening. But before I do, I wanted to let everyone know the details about our weekend specials. Click here to see our In demand Movie Specials.  

Remy Remy Remy Hair, why Remy Hair?

Tam you always tell me to bring Remy hair. What is Remy hair? Can’t I just bring regular weave hair? It’s cheaper! Remy hair is said to be the best type of hair extensions available. Out of the entire human hair category, remy hair gives the most natural appearance. It is the preferred choice for…

Free U Part Wig in Sherman Oaks TONIGHT!!!!!

It’s me! Weavemaster Tam and I need a Los Angeles/SF Valley lady tonight! I am looking for someone to model for a instructional video. I need to make a custom U Part Wig. That means a free 14/16 inch Remy Hair wig MADE JUST FOR YOU! Seriously! I just need a pretty, modelesque woman with…

Six Steps to Get The Most from Your Hair Stylist

Six Steps to Get the Most from Your Hair Stylist By Locks&Links.com You can have a positive, pleasant outcome every time if you will follow these six easy steps: 1. Be On Time – Make an appointment and keep it. Remember, your stylist is running a business and in business, time is money. Don’t force…

Hey Weavemaster Tam!!!!

Hair Check! How’s your hair today!???   Bangs!! Never trust a hairstylist who’s hair isn’t whipped!!!