Remember that Curly PerfectNet I Made a few months back?

Well she came to get it done again, and it still looks beautiful. I will say, that she does a great job of moisturizing and taking great care of the curls. Also, using a paddle brush makes a world of difference when detangling.  I find this to be a really great one…….detangles curls like a…

PerfectNet Magic Being Made

Fancy PerfectNet weave making today. *You know how I do*. Soon I’ll have a deal on these:) I’ll see if I can get her to take a picture when she gets it on, but people are so shy, chronicalizing their change to fabulousness is like a beauty secret they aren’t prepared to share.

The Journey to Grow My Hair LONNNG

First things first, so I’ve said this before, I used to have the Rihanna hair cut, it was flyness. It was when I was pregnant with the twins. I let it grow out, but I super abused the flat iron and ruined my curls. So first I panicked, then I grabbed the scissors and I…

This Week’s Work…Super Exhausted!!!

So I had three wigs, a few weaves and a partridge in a pear tree this week! Well, not the bird in the tree….but alot of work got done:) Here’s a few snap shots.

Remember my latest install??

So I did a weave install last week and I love love loved the look. Let me refresh your memory. But I took it out!!! Yes I had to. Because I am so spoiled after having my PerfectNet Weaves. I told myself I would never go back to regular weaves again, but I figured I…

Ladies in Waiting

One lady is waiting for her mommy to pick her up, the other is today’s project….