I’m coming to VEGAS!!!!

Great News Las Vegas! Weavemaster Tam, skilled stylist and protective style enthusiast will be in Las Vegas Nevada on November 7th, 8th and 9th, right on time for Veterans Day! Located at the Boulevard Wyndham Hotel! LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE. Time for a professional closure install from the one and only Closure Slayer Tam Rachelle. Crown…

[Video] Wet to Dry Routine for Weavemaster Straight Hair

So a few of you asked to see my wet to dry regimen, so I made this handy vid for you to check out! This is the Weavemaster Straight, 20 and 22 +14/16 inch straight closure. I’ve had the hair in for about five weeks. To purchase, email me @ weavemastertam@gmail.com. Yes, I did break…

Is that Weavemaster Tam Modeling?????

Yes child, I wanted to show some movement in my hair, I don’t usually sew in straight hair but I figured why not:) So check me out, showing off a 16, and two 22 inch 3CWavy bundles and *attempting* to give them LIFE honey lol. I’m such a natural girl, but sometimes you have to…

Super Long Perfect Net I Made this Week

  Wig making this December, making a lusciously long PerfectNet with my 3curls.com 3CWavy hair 26, 24 and 22inch.  Yummy! After adding some spiral curls it ended up pretty dang fly.  

A Quick Rule Recap

I love what I do, I meet some beautiful wonderful people and I love making them look glamorous. I also love growing hair long and beautiful! I just wanted to touch bases with everyone and give an overview of how my services work. I work full time out of my home, which allows me to…

What is Tam Rockin???

Brazilian Beyonce layered fullness and fierceness children! This is hair you can purchase from me for your install.

What is Tam Rockin?

So I still have my Malaysian straight in, and I have to say, I’m tired of it. It’s straight. Limp. Boring. I put curls in it and get decent beachy waves, but I’m going to be purchasing hair from overseas soon that’s going to be big, beautiful and exciting. So far, no tangling. No shedding….

Thanks for the Perfection!

She was traveling and needed a gorgeous style for her trip! I had the Perfect idea to protect her hair from heat styling and damage while she was away. She sent a photo to say thanks. She’s wearing a Perfect Net weave with her own beautiful hair she brought. She wears it well! Gorgeous!

Why Perfect Ponytails?

A ponytail with my perfect net weave….. But anyone can install a weave that can do a low ponytail….. Yep. Baddest Weavemaster in the SFV.

Getting a Full Weave? Don’t forget your closure…..

Full Weaves with Closures A closure is a special hair piece that is sewn onto the crown of your head. Strands of hair are attached to a small hair cap that imitates your scalp. The closure allows you to part your hair on top of your head. This makes your hair weave look more natural….