You Need To Know

I love what I do, I meet some beautiful wonderful people and I love making them look glamorous. I also love growing hair long and beautiful! I just wanted to touch bases with everyone and give an overview of how my services work.

I work full time out of my home, which allows me to pick and choose who I’d like as clients. This ensures that both you and I are satisfied with the experience and develop a good relationship that fits our needs.

In order for that to happen, it’s best that a few key points be discussed.

1. Payment is due at the time of service. That means if I press, flat iron, curl, weave or braid your hair….be prepared to pay cash right after. No credit cards, checks or money orders or going to run to the ATM afterwards. If you don’t have the cash to pay in your purse or pocket when you arrive, please don’t waste my time sitting in the chair.

2. I don’t split appointments in half. When I do your hair it’s start to finish.

3. There’s no payment plans. Don’t ask to pay some now and the rest later.

4. My services are discounted already. There’s no bartering the price any lower.

5. If I feel the client/stylist relationship isn’t working, I will terminate it at any time without any notice. An example of some common reasons is lack of payment, combative/inappropriate behavior, demanding of favors, unhealthy hair/hygiene conditions or late/missing appointments.

6. I make it very clear that I have four children in my FAQ page. For evening appointments, they are usually being put to bed by my oldest daughter when you arrive, and are already fed and ready for bed. If you don’t want to be bothered with children or the unpredictability of them being there…..don’t make an appointment. There’s plenty of stylists you can find in salons and on Craigslist that have no children and will even come to you.

7.  It is my choice to take you on as a client. If you call and leave a message more than once, and I don’t call back, it’s probably because I feel I am not the stylist to fulfill your needs at this time.

8. This is a SAFE environment for both you and I. I will not tolerate threats or bullying. It’s a quiet, nice neighborhood with lots of neighbors near by. If I feel threatened or unsafe I will ask that you leave and or have you removed from my home (or remove you myself if it comes to that).

9. If you cancel two appointments in a row, I will terminate our relationship. Don’t bother calling for another appointment. Because I don’t double book, I’ve lost two days of work. I keep a tight schedule, don’t be late.

10. If I feel your hair is too damaged or short to braid in places, I will not braid it. You have the choice to either find another stylist or if the option presents itself, choose a different style. This is a Healthy Hair Zone. If you need a closure, and your leave out is suffering, or your crown is thinning you don’t have to buy my closure **** but it’s best if you buy A CLOSURE. Closures aren’t the easiest to install, and they take the most finesse, but I am willing to do a closure install before I would allow you to walk the streets looking crazy with leave out that should have been left IN. Trust me, it won’t look like a wig, I will take care of you.

11. Take out is NOT FREE. Take out is 45.00. It will NEVER BE FREE.

12. Just because you have my phone number, doesn’t make this an informational line. Calling me from the beauty supply with grease in your hand asking me the benefits of Argan Oil on African American hair is a no-no.  I take two to four heads a day, and I have two toddlers. You wanna know something about hair when I’m not doing your hair? Google it. I am friendly, but we are not besties, and I cannot guide you through your hair journey as you call me four and five times a day asking for hair advice.

13. Wanna know what’s the best hair to buy? I’ll always say, aka my hair. If you would like to purchase somewhere else, that’s fine, but I have no advice on who has good hair out there, just Google it.