Your Curly Leave Out, Is it the RIGHT Curly?

I get it. You have curly hair. You thought that your own curly leave out would match with your curly wefts. But……it doesn’t lol. I’ve done it before. You live, you learn, you put your hair up, and rock a Coily Closure from It matches perfectly with the Coily hair, and is jump in the pool…

Coily Coily Coils!!!

My favorite Weavemaster’s Hair to date is the Coily hair! Here’s a client wearing an 18 and a 20. I’ve had clients wear this texture for more than a year. It also dyes pretty fantastic.

My Red Curly Wig

Hi Beauties! I haven’t had time to post pics of my do! I made a wig and sewed it on. My great friend Diane colored it for me. Here it is black…. Red and Ravishing!!! Out to dinner, this picture shows the color better!

No Heat Challenge!! Rihanna Red PerfectNet Part 1

So I’m in rehab. I have to leave the heat alone because I am very concerned about the health of my edges and my hair in general so I ditched the flat iron and curling iron to give my hair a little love. The plan is to go into curlier avenues that match my hair…