Is that Weavemaster Tam Modeling?????

Yes child, I wanted to show some movement in my hair, I don’t usually sew in straight hair but I figured why not:) So check me out, showing off a 16, and two 22 inch 3CWavy bundles and *attempting* to give them LIFE honey lol. I’m such a natural girl, but sometimes you have to…

First Time Full Weave Fabulousness

This client is treating herself for the first time, with the 3CWavy package of 14, 16, 18 inch hair, and a full weave with her crown and edges out.

Black Silk Malaysian Straight

I went to Wow Beauty Supply and picked up some Malaysian Silky hair. I prefer wavy coarser hair, because I rather not put too much heat on my hair, but my bangs are trained from flat ironing so I figured why not just buy a texture that matches those. At first glance it is NOT…

New Products to Review

So I am gearing up to do some product and hair reviews, check out what I picked up the other day. I’ve heard great reviews on how nice this makes your hair feel, let’s put it to the test! Trying this shampoo out.   Checking out this Malaysian hair from Wow Beauty Supply in Reseda.