Is that Weavemaster Tam Modeling?????

Yes child, I wanted to show some movement in my hair, I don’t usually sew in straight hair but I figured why not:) So check me out, showing off a 16, and two 22 inch 3CWavy bundles and *attempting* to give them LIFE honey lol. I’m such a natural girl, but sometimes you have to…

First Time Full Weave Fabulousness

This client is treating herself for the first time, with the 3CWavy package of 14, 16, 18 inch hair, and a full weave with her crown and edges out.

Sexy Celeb Style

She wanted Ciara waves… she got em! Full weave with the top out, 12 and 14 inch, spiral curled.

Beachy Waves with Wand

First we added 18 inch extensions, then I curled with a curling wand….all she does now is comb her hair out when she gets home for beachy waves:) Waiting for a little bit helps the curls stay.

Last Night’s Handy Work

So, I’ve been burned by Bo Braz before (Bohyme Brazilian Wave) but April SWEARS by it. Maybe the quality is better. So I hooked her up with another partial install. It blends with her hair perfectly. Threw up a few beachy waves for Krista while I was at it, and Jaquel got a great install,…

UPart Wig is done!

I’m done and I love it! I wanted Tracie Ellis Ross bouncy curls. Blending was easy, I will do a tutorial on that later but I love how this turned out! It’s flatter than a weave and I have four cornrows under. Best part, I don’t have to use heat on my hair, flat twists…

Remy Remy Remy Hair, why Remy Hair?

Tam you always tell me to bring Remy hair. What is Remy hair? Can’t I just bring regular weave hair? It’s cheaper! Remy hair is said to be the best type of hair extensions available. Out of the entire human hair category, remy hair gives the most natural appearance. It is the preferred choice for…