Brandi Goes Hollywood

I wanted some effortless glamour for Brandi this go round. This is a full closure weave with no hair out. 

Fit Five Bundles of Hair Into One Install?

Okay so, this is not something I recommend at all, but I was able to comfortably get four bundles in. She likes her hair really long, and really thick, and with a closure. 

Keep your closures laid honey!

All the hair braided up. here is a PROPER closure install. Notice I put the closure on first. If your stylist attempts to put it on last, run the other way! I tinted the scalp to match her cocoa skin tone and because this isn’t one of my closures, the knots were black and it…

The Proper Braid Pattern for a Side Part Closure Install

Alot of people wonder if I do a spiral braid pattern for a closure install, and to answer your question, I do not. There are times I may do something similar to a spiral in the back, but for the most part, I cornrow down on both all sides, making sure I start my braids…

Cute Kinky Curly Full Weave

Here’s a cute install I did this weekend. Cute stuff! VERY little hair is out. There’s an art to this kind of Diva.  

I have been WORKING whew CHILE!!

Working so much I haven’t had time to give you the love you deserve. Here’s a few pictures of work I’ve done these past few weeks! Installing some Brazilian:) All Done! Lovely!

Getting a Full Weave? Don’t forget your closure…..

Full Weaves with Closures A closure is a special hair piece that is sewn onto the crown of your head. Strands of hair are attached to a small hair cap that imitates your scalp. The closure allows you to part your hair on top of your head. This makes your hair weave look more natural….

Bohyme French Refined 14 inch Install

I straightened out a full install and put a few loose curls in some 14 inch Bohyme French Refined for a client last night. Cut layers of course,  turned out really light and lovely. Two more installs happening tonight.