The Proper Braid Pattern for a Side Part Closure Install

Alot of people wonder if I do a spiral braid pattern for a closure install, and to answer your question, I do not. There are times I may do something similar to a spiral in the back, but for the most part, I cornrow down on both all sides, making sure I start my braids…

Thick hair braid patterns……Part Three

Need a flat in the front hair pattern for thick transitioning hair? Check out this braid pattern for a smooth flat front. Just swirl around the braids hanging loose into the existing braids and sew them down.  

Good Braid Technique

For thin sides you know can’t adequately cover tracks, rely on the U Part hair for coverage and stack the tracks on top of each other like a ladder.

Braid Patterns for Super Thick Hair

So every so often I come across these folks with super thick amazing hair. She originally had alot of breakage when she first came, to the point where I wasn’t sure she had enough hair on her sides to braid. Well it’s been about eight months and boy have things changed! Needless to say with…