Weavemasters Hair Beachwave

So this client was so much fun, we laughed the whole time. I gave her a full install with closure of the http://www.weavemastershair.com beachwave. She’s really awesome, this is her vacationing in Italy do. Which means only one thing, I am so jealous that she gets to go to Italy, and she can be carefree…

Fit Five Bundles of Hair Into One Install?

Okay so, this is not something I recommend at all, but I was able to comfortably get four bundles in. She likes her hair really long, and really thick, and with a closure. 

[Video] How to Sew On a Lace Closure

In this video, I am showing you how you can install a lace closure on either yourself or someone else. This is a step by step with the closure sewed on first before the tracks. I find that the weave is much more smooth and flat when done this way. I’m wearing a Weavemasters Closure…

First Time Full Weave Fabulousness

This client is treating herself for the first time, with the 3CWavy package of 14, 16, 18 inch hair, and a full weave with her crown and edges out.

Keep it Sleek!!!!

A few pics of this super duperty duper natural haired beauty who wanted to put up most of her tresses with only a dash out on the side. So I did a nice sleek full weave.  

PerfectNet Magic Being Made

Fancy PerfectNet weave making today. *You know how I do*. Soon I’ll have a deal on these:) I’ll see if I can get her to take a picture when she gets it on, but people are so shy, chronicalizing their change to fabulousness is like a beauty secret they aren’t prepared to share.

Limited Time, Before and After Installs are Back

The Before and After Installs are back! I’m filling my portfolio with more before and after’s so I’m discounting my services to 85.00 for a full install for 15 to 20 ladies. I’m looking for models with chin length or longer hair, healthy without any major breakage or hair loss. This is for top out…

Bleach Bathing Tangly Hair

So you’ve got some hair that was once super beautiful but is now a tangled mess! Before calling it a loss, you may want to try a Bleach Bath. Just a disclaimer, if this is done wrong, then it may ruin your hair, so follow the directions carefully! Also, for those who have my number,…