Hello CoCo!

I always love when cute little French Coco comes to get her hair done. this time we sat and watched Empire, and let me tell you….it gets wilder and wilder every episode…..so turns out Jamal is BI and not GAY? Girl drama. Anyways I sewed down her unit I made for her a while back….

Prepay REQUIRED for Holiday Installs

Dear Clients and Potential Clients, Because I DO NOT double book, and I start your hair the minute you walk in and finish in 3 to 4 hours with minimal interruption, it is extremely important you keep your install appointment. It is not like the salon, you won’t be here for 8 to 10 hours…

New Perfection Silk Closure (Video)

New premium silk closures, no lace grid, soft and breathable. With a cocoa scalp color that works with most brown skintones. You don’t have to dye the scalp, worry about excessive shedding or worry about someone seeing the mesh grid of your closure. It’s absolutely perfect! Click here for more information